Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Introduction for Hotel Small fridge

Hotel small fridge has become a basic standard of the hotel star ratings

With the rise of the hotel industry, hotel small fridge has become a basic standard of the hotel star ratings. The first hotel minibar refrigerator is mainly compressor cooling small refrigerator. With the development of science and technology, hotel room refrigerator manufacturers launched a new energy saving hotel small fridge has become a basic standard of the hotel star ratings, which has two main cooling methods: semiconductor electronic refrigeration and absorption refrigeration. Many high class hotels, leisure facilities and star hotels will configure the Hotel MiniBar refrigerator for freezing food, drinks, fruit drinks, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals or even cigarettes, tea, which is very convenient and practical. The hotel small fridge is becoming preferred choice for essential products for luxury hotels, star hotels to establish a green healthy image. The hotel refrigerator has different specifications. We select the different capacity of the Hotel Small fridge mainly based on different sizes of wine counter, and can also retrofit door locks on the basis of the actual demand of the existing style hotel small fridge or add transparent doors according to the hotel requirement. The hotel minibar refrigerator is used by star hotel rooms, hotel rooms and hotel suites to frozen fruit, drinks, or the customers' own food, etc.

Current situation of the hotel small fridge

Today, environmental protection and conservation of the hotel small fridge is increasingly subject to the attention of hotel managers, the traditional hotel refrigerator can no longer comply with the requirements of the hotel. The semiconductor refrigeration is a following new refrigeration compressor after absorption, which is a freezing manner worthy of deep research and development and breadth of applications. It is a fundamental solution to environmental pollution problems of the compressor refrigeration and absorption refrigeration. First it is a solid refrigeration and it has no refrigerant or no pollution, which is the real green product and less power consumption, stable performance, temperature humidity is stable and the thermostats storage capabilities is incomparable to other cooling methods.

The features of hotel bar dedicated semiconductor refrigerator features:

The hotel minibar refrigerator uses advanced semiconductor refrigeration technology, which is made of specially designed refrigeration cooling system. It is has a good cooling effect, long life, automatic temperature control, green, no Freon and zero emission; energy saving, daily electricity consumption of about 0.5 degrees; not afraid of shock, stable and reliable; large refrigeration space in the same shape size; semiconductor refrigerator cooling principle is simple and easy for maintenance. The hotel small fridge completely solves the problem of noise, pollution, energy consumption and maintenance of the hotel refrigerator, which creates a quiet, environmentally friendly rest environment for the users and is loved by domestic and international hotel operators and consumers.

This refrigerator is compact, whose volume varies from 15L to 50L and other varieties of specifications. It can be embedded in the hotel room cabinet, and integrate into the room layout and design. The hotel small fridge is available for variety of colors to choose from. It not only can store cold drinks, fruits, expensive drugs, film and other items, batteries can extend its storage life and can prolong lifespan if being stored in the refrigerator... With the expansion of the field of semiconductor refrigerator, the hotel minibar refrigerator will also meet more and more wide demand of customers.

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