Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to identify commonly used Consumable Excavator Parts?

The identification method for the authenticity of excavator spare parts

There are many excavator manufacturers, so we should carry out investigations on the excavator manufacturer prior to purchase, the manufacturer must have perfect service system (including service distributors nationwide, excavator spare parts supply situation, service system during the guarantee period as well as maintenance work outside the guarantee period, etc.) to meet the construction units or individuals' equipment maintenance and repair needs after the purchase. During the operation of the excavator, using the pure excavator parts can reduce machine operating costs, which can also extend the service life, and ultimately to protect the vital interests of the consumers. In order to prevent consumers from being damaged by the misuse of non-genuine products, we will introduce the identification method for the authenticity of three-filter, bucket teeth and the nozzle frequently used equipment operation as follows:

The appearance identification methods of pure air filter excavator parts and counterfeit excavator parts:

First, the external steel mesh pitch of the pure air filter excavator spare parts is uniform, which is brushed with white rust-proof paint. The counterfeit excavator parts are often just ordinary steel mesh, and steel plate hole is sparse, which often has broken holes.

Second, the internal steel mesh at the welding surface of the pure is very uniform; and most of the counterfeit excavator spare parts using spot welding, overlapping steel mesh is longer and one side tilts. Fake air filter just imitates the geometric dimensions and appearance of the genuine products, which cannot reach the filter's requirements for engineering standards and the filter effect is greatly reduced.

Third, the filter color of pure excavator parts is milky white and with fine texture, the upper and lower lines are arranged in neat rows and has no deformation; counterfeit filter color is sulfur or other colors, paper and has rough texture, the up and down lines is limited by the assembly conditions, the filter is extruded and lines are bent. Poor filter is paper high ash bearing capacity, which will allow more impurities into the engine system, causing the engine to overhaul in advance.

The appearance identification methods for the genuine diesel filter excavator spare parts and counterfeit filter excavator spare parts:

First, The exterior pure excavator parts is bright, clean and coated and the fake one is dark in color, which is spotted due to poor shell steel plate.

Second, the bottom of the pure excavator spare parts is drilled uniform and the wire port is smooth; drilling layout of counterfeit excavator spare parts is asymmetry and there are glitches in the wire port. Burr or tiny metal impurities will go directly to the engine system if it exists, resulting in scratches and wear of precision excavator parts.

Third, the filter paper head and tail of pure excavator parts is bonded with the metal clamp bands while the fake ones generally use staples or stitching. The majority of counterfeit filters have the problem of short-circuit, and impurities going directly into the engine system without the filter paper, the reason is that the head and tail of filter paper is not firmly bonded, whose hazard is very serious.

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