Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rattan Furniture Can Give You a Cozy Comfortable Home

Origin of Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture is the most ancient variety of furniture in the world. It is introduced into Europe by the earliest European merchant ships in the seventeenth century. The basket that people found in Egypt which is woven by rush in the straw, its history can be traced back to 2000 BC, and on the mural in the ancient Rome, we can often see portrait of the government official which is seated on the wicker chair. In ancient India and the Philippines areas, people would choose canes to make all kinds of furniture, or cut the rod cane into very thin and flat cane, then weave them into all sorts of designs, and use them as chairs, closet door or cane implement in life. Youli Trading Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and trader of natural rattan furniture, rattan PE / outdoor furniture, carpets, rattan handicrafts, rattan products production and sales, hotel furniture supporting projects. ALL the rattan furniture is salable in global market.

Material Selection of Rattan crane Furniture

The choice of cane for rattan crane furniture should be the vine plants that grow in the tropical rain forest, the weight is light but it' tenacious at the same time, only this kind of cane can be woven out of all kinds of furniture with artistic breath。The biggest characteristic of rattan crane furniture is that it has the function of moisture absorption, heat absorption, wind penetration, the mothproof and difficult to be out of shape and crack. All the obvious physical properties of it show that it can be equivalent to or exceeding the high-grade hard miscellaneous wood in the world. For more detailed information on the material of rattan crane furniture, you can come to visit

Maintenance of Wicker Rattan Furniture

When the wicker rattan furniture is in the using or in a idle state, keep it away from fire source and high temperature place, and remember that do not let it has long exposure in the sun, otherwise, it is easy to fade away, become dry, out of shape, bending, craze, loosing and disjointed. Because the wicker rattan furniture is easy to collect dust on the surface place, every time when you are cleaning it, you can use the cleaner to absorb the dust or use a soft bristle brush to sweep away the dust from the inside to the outside, then use a wet rag to wipe it again, finally you can use a soft cloth to wipe it dry. After a period of using, you should regularly wipe the wicker rattan furniture with weak brine water. By this way, it not only can clean the dust of it but also it can make its flexibility last longer, and in addition, it also has the functions of embrittlement crack proof and anti-insect. The refurbished processing method for colorful wicker rattan furniture is first to clean the furniture, dry it and use sand paper to burnish its outside frame, so as to make the skin out of decontamination and restore the smooth, and then again glazing oil for protection.

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