Monday, July 30, 2012

Glass Edging Machine Categories

Glass edging machine is one of the glass machine and equipments which has been used for glass processing for the longest time with the maximum applications. It’s mainly applied for glass edging and making some specific forms. Perform the glass edging machine in a correct and reasonable way can both ensure the smooth production and extending the service life of the machine. The glass edging machine is mainly divided into three types - single-arm contour milling machine, straight line edging machine and mold milling machine.

Glass milling machine is mainly suitable for the processing of furniture glass, architectural glass as well as artificial glass. It is one of the machinery and equipments which has been used for cold glass processing for the longest time with the maximum applications. It’s mainly applied for the grinding and polishing of ordinary plat glass bottom and chamfer. The machine is usually equipped with manual controller, digital controller and PLC computer controller. In order to ensure the normal performance of the machine, extend the service life of the machine as well as improve the processing and productivity, we need to perform the machine in a reasonable way and ensure daily cleaning, lubrication and maintenance.

Glass edging machine has three characteristics: Firstly it has single usage which is the grinding various kinds of straight lines; secondly it can work for grinding and polishing constantly so as to improve the productivity; thirdly it can grind and polish the flat glass with bigger size.

Commonly, the single side glass edging machine consists of the host (base + column + front and rear beam + grinding wheel tank + motor + electric boxes), feeder rail, and glass support frame as well as floor water tank. The machines with different materials and motors have different precisions and service lives of the machine. For example, as for the base for the ordinary single side grinding machine, their front and rear beam can strengthen the mechanical rigidity with their casting processed through quenching treatment and their ordinary service life is ten to fifteen years.

Glass edging polishing machine is a small new edging machine with multi functions, which can be used for lighting and power production. It is easy to perform the machine with good effects of edging. The item is an efficient, practical, inexpensive and durable product, and is one of the products with higher cost performance on the glass edging machine market. It is capable of grinding and polishing the straight edge, round edge, shaped edge, triple duckbill edge, slope edge, wave edge as well as ladder edge, getting the job done through twice polishing. It truly is the ideal edging equipment for the glass products such as frameless glass doors, glass coffee table as well as glass processing products. In particular, it is suitable for being applied in the glass shop and furniture factory.

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