Tuesday, December 25, 2012

How Do Parents Choose Right Wifi Baby Monitors?

In order to facilitate the parents who first contact with the baby monitor new product, so as to be satisfied, easily to buy the products suitable for their own family needs, we will raise some tips for the selection of baby monitor. We hope that it helps parents or friends that intend to purchase a baby monitor in the near future.

Steps / methods:

1. Product Type Baby monitor is divided into three types in accordance with the use of the environment and the functional division, mom and dad should select the correct style based on the actual condition of the home and the use requirements: * Ordinary China Wifi Baby Monitor: Suitable for one parent staying at home to take care of the baby, roommate but n different room, need to be concerned about their behavior when you do housework; * Straight record type: Suitable for parents going to work or for activities, only the nanny takes care of at home, but you want to understand the situation at home when outside; * Network type: Only baby is at home, and you hope to see the situation at home in any place which is access to the Internet or phone signal at any time;

Digital Audio Baby Monitor

2. Transmit signals

The Wifi baby monitors on the market are divided into two kinds of the digital signal and analog signals in accordance with signal propagation. In the case of the economic conditions permit, it is recommended to choose to buy a baby monitor using analog signals, because the digital signal is easier to decipher the data and interfered by other wireless devices.

3. Power supply

The power supply of baby monitors includes AC power supply, built-in lithium battery powered, and ordinary disposable battery-powered. Most of the products are in support of two or more of the power supply. It is recommended that user choose the Digital Baby Monitors support for lithium-ion battery-powered, because there were cases in foreign countries using the AC charging and the cable wrap around the baby’s neck lead to suffocation and death. The standby life of ordinary disposable batteries is too short.

4. Use distance The further, the better. More and more families now live into the big house, and even multi-storey villas, baby monitors with strong signal reception ability can provide more convenient use for these families, the parents no longer need to move in the room next to the child in order to be able to see and hear the child's every action, they can even go out with a control terminal for a short-range walking around!

5. Low power indication Baby monitor, especially the monitoring end, must work for long-term and continuously, once the product power is low and cannot timely remind parents charging, the power continues to consume until depleted, the console will not be able to continue to receive any signal, which may miss sudden accident.

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