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The Application of Non-woven Fabrics

According to the durability, the garment is divided into two categories: the durability and non-durability (disposable). Currently, the applications of non-woven clothing are mainly in the field of non-durable clothing. Non-woven applications in the non-durable clothing have been very popular, such as spunlace medical protective clothing, PP disposable spunbond protective clothing, and SMS medical protective clothing, etc. So non-woven fabric manufacturer is making efforts to develop in this area.Currently, new product developments in this area include two aspects: one is the new expansion of the existing materials in clothing applications; second, is the development of a new type of non-woven fabrics.

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Non-durable non-woven apparel fabrics

SMS nonwoven spunbond and meltblown composite products, has high strength, good filtering performance, adhesive-free, non-toxic, etc., has played an important role in the field of medical and industrial filter material, new applications SMS breathable not produce fiber dust, to prevent particle exchange characteristics of the human body with the outside world, for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, optoelectronics processing, electrical components and chip requires a high degree of clean production environment. The spunbond non-woven consists from high-strength continuous filament, account for a large proportion of disposable protective clothing market. The latest development is adding special additives or spunbond production process finishing, so the products have the function of flame resistance, anti-static, anti-radiation, hydrophobic guide wet, antibacterial, warmth and other features. In the development of new fibers, the water-soluble non-woven fabric is an environmentally friendly product, and is gradually expanding its scope of application. The Spunlace nonwoven produced by polyvinyl alcohol-soluble fiber is a good material for the production of radiation protection and pollution preventing clothing. In order to increase the protective effect, it can be composited with the water-soluble film to increase the barrier properties of protective clothing. In addition, in the use of the new fiber, the technology is invented that add the super-absorbent fiber (SAF) in the non-woven production process. This nonwoven fabric containing SAF particularly has good soft feel and absorbency, which can rapidly absorb sweat, increasing the microenvironment comfort between clothing and human.

Durability non-woven clothing fabric

Due to there is gap between the non-woven fabric and the apparel fabrics in the requirements of drape, elasticity, strength and elongation, the opacity and pilling and other aspects, and lack a certain sense of art in appearance, so it is quite difficult to be applied to the field of the durability garment. However, non-woven fabric has the advantages of casual side and slipping directly selvage involved in the design, do not need ironing and sewing clothing hemmer characteristics that distinguish it from machine woven and knitted fabrics. It is optimistic about the advantages of simple non-woven garment sewing process, many researchers and non woven fabric supplier have the courage to face the risk of product development. The focus of research in recent years focused on how to improve the performance of the non-woven fabric drape, abrasion resistance, flexibility and elastic recovery capability to make it suitable for the requirements of the durability of the garment fabric. is dedicated to construct a knowledge acquiring company and has its company culture as being strict, passionate united and win-win acquisition. The staff team of the company is well-trained, competitive in technology, and having rich manufacturing experience and sales experience.

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