Sunday, December 30, 2012

Good Prospects of Ceramic Solar Panels

Ceramic Enterprises Enter the Field of Solar Panels

Under the big environment of the transformation of economic growth mode and energy saving, the traditional architectural ceramics industry began to explore the extension of industrial chain, and that is the transition to a low carbon route. Solar is one of the extensions of the fields that the ceramic enterprises are more optimistic about in recent years. At present, many domestic ceramic production base bold step into the field of solar energy, and coincidentally spotted ceramic solar panel project, and they are ready to begin the scale production of household 500 watt solar panel. The Faku County in Liaoning Province, known as the Northeast Porcelain City” has rich clay resources, and since the 2002 the introduction of the first ceramic production line, it began to expand the resource advantages into industrial advantages of strategic offensive, making the ceramic industry rapidly grow.

Solar Panel

Energy Issues Promotes Industrial Development of Solar Panels

The energy and environmental problems are the problem that the whole global is concerned about and have the urgent need to address. As the rapid energy consumption of conventional energy, coal, oil, natural gas and mining, at the same time, it also brings many environmental problems. Solar energy, as a clean energy, is the irreplaceable energy of conventional energy sources and renewable energy. The fundamental problem of direct use of solar energy is the problem of use of solar energy device manufacturing costs, energy costs, environmental costs and the use of the cost is high or low. Ceramic solar technology precisely can solve the issue of the utilization of solar energy device manufacturing costs, energy costs, environmental costs and the use cost. In 2009, ceramics solar panels finally came out of the lab and to meet with the world in Shandong, and from then on the 140w solar panel, one of the ceramic solar panels began to be used in a large number of small families. Insiders said that the ceramic solar panels is a revolutionary breakthrough in human field of new energy technology application and it fills the blank of the world ceramic solar industry and the energy industry.

Prospects of Solar Panels

Construction ceramics industry in China gets a huge achievement, but our country is a country relatively poor in energy and resources, and the construction ceramics industry is a high energy consumption industry, from the firing to the raw materials preparation to process fuel, electricity and other energy costs accounting for 23% ~ 40% of the entire ceramic production costs. In terms of building ceramics production, energy saving is the general trend of ceramic production. With the rapid development of the socio-economic and ceramic industry, ceramic industry waste is increasing, causing tremendous pressure on the urban environment. Currently, waste processing and utilization of China's ceramic industry is relatively low, the shortage of funds resulting in a large number of waste residue crowding of arable land, water and air contamination. It is precisely because of this that a lot of ceramic enterprises will fancy ceramic solar panel project. Low-carbon, energy-saving and environmental protection is precisely the biggest feature of the ceramic solar panels. So we can see that the market prospects of solar panels is large. is a high-tech photovoltaic company specialized in the solar module, PV system project research, produce, sales and after sales service. Our products get VDE, SGS, CE, CSA and MCS international certificates. Welcome to visit our website!

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