Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Development Trend of Silicone Watch

The advantages of silicone watch

Silicone watch is equipped with the advantages of abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, no distortion, non-toxic, tasteless, no cracking of the human body without side effects. It is also soft with long service life, and its silicone bracelet does not irritate the skin, etc., in addition, the products are cheap, it is one of the most suitable promotional gifts and green silicone jewelry.

silicone slap watch

The classification of silicone watches

Now there are three mainstream categories silicone watch on the market. First, Jelly watch Jelly watch takes use of queen-size square or round watch head, combined with thick silicone strap and the design inspiration comes from the jelly appearance characteristics with bright colors highlighting the personality, and the manufacturer will add the LED lights on the dial to promote the dynamic of the jelly watch.

Second, Slap watch Bracelet takes use of the encapsulation in the silica industry technology to position the elastic steel alignment on the word mold to make a molding pressure in a vulcanizing machine. The bracelet of kids slap watch has the elastic of the steel sheet, and has a silica soft feel. At the same time, it increases the fun of shrapnel. Third, Anion watch The anion watch is added some ion powder titanium powder and some other ion trace elements to the silicone raw materials to make the silicone strap with a trace of radiation and to promote blood circulation.

Precautions and maintenance:

First, when contact with water, it is recommended to take down the watch to avoid damage (as a low-price fashion watch, silicone watch usually will not use highly waterproof movement); Second, do not put the watch close to the source of fire or dark place, pay attention to moisture-proof battery aging; Third, if the watches were encountered with dust or water, wipe with dry cotton carefully; Due to the superior performance, coupled with silicone is the non-oil product, which does not rely on increasingly scarce oil resources, making silicone products become the alternative to similar plastic products, silicone products can be applied to the field which a lot off plastic cannot be applied, such as baby pacifiers, human organs, so the application prospects are very bright. We have to seize this opportunity to develop the sunrise industry, while there are still a great deal of aspects for us to pay attention to.


We have a product from idea to end sales of the full set of processes and production equipment, Including product R & D team, mold development and manufacturing team, production team, the sales team, the establishment of a sound quality control system, and has passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification, the silicone products passed the SGS, ITS and other agencies of the testing, in line with ROHS, FDA, UL standards.

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