Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Notes for Decorative Panels Purchase

Quality of a variety of decorative panels varies greatly

Decorative panels can be divided into blockboard, plywood, fiberboard, calcium plastic board, MDF, melamine board. More common wood choice is fir, fir material is loose and light, easy to dry, easy to process, cut rough, medium strength, easy to split, good stalemate performance. We need to use a lot of decorative panels in decoration. The quality of a variety of decorative wall panels on the market varies greatly. Make sure to pay attention to the following points when you choose:

1. Recognize the artificial veneer and natural wood veneer distinction: the texture of the former is basic straight texture, texture pattern is regular; while the latter is a natural wood pattern, texture pattern natural variability is relatively large, irregular.

2. Decorative performance: The appearance of the decorative panels should have a better sense of beauty; the material should be fine uniform, clear color. The texture of wood grain is beautiful, the supporting board and parquet should be arranged according to certain laws, similar wood color, the edge of the patchwork almost parallel to the board.

3. No obvious flaws on the surface: The decorative board surface should be smooth, no burr, grooves or tool marks; no glue penetration phenomenon and the plate surface contamination phenomena (such as turn yellow, black phenomenon in local part); try to pick the interior wall panels with crack-free surface, no cracks, no knots, bark, resin capsule, and gum canal; Nature warpage of the entire board should be as small as possible, to avoid the sand substrate revealed sand permeability phenomenon due to improper operation of the sanding process.

4. Layer structure is stable, no glue open phenomenon: It should be noted that there should have no drum kits, stratification between the surface veneer and substrate, inside the substrate layers.

5. The bonding strength test: Pry with a knife. This method is the most intuitive way to test the bonding strength, pry open with a sharp flat blade along the adhesive layer, if the adhesive layer is destroyed, and timber is damaged, indicating poor bonding strength.

6. Select plate with low formaldehyde emission: decorative plate with the pungent odor should be avoided. Because the larger the smell, the higher the formaldehyde emission, pollution is more powerful, and the danger is greater.

7. Select the products with expressly production enterprises: the vast majority of products with clear factory name, site, trademarks, its performance is good, consumers can priority select. is specialized in producing 3D decorative wall panels. Our 3D wall panels have hard texture, fashion appearance and moisture proof and fire resistant etc concerned standard appearance advantages. It can completely meet the different levels of modern, individual, eco-friendly and life enjoyable consume requests.

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