Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What is Portable Solar Power System?

A portable solar power system is a sophisticated combination of components and raw materials that, when integrated into a system will produce electricity and store energy from sunlight. Each complete system consists of a basic set of components, namely a solar panel, solar charge controller, battery, wiring, a carrying case or pack, and sources for 12-volt DC and/or 120-volt AC power, all of which are chosen to match each other functionally. The solar charge controller is chosen to match and optimize the performance of the solar panel and the battery. The goal of each system is to provide power for electronic devices in the absence of the grid. A portable off grid solar power system is designed for a variety of applications ranging from military to adventure to environmental consciousness.

off grid solar power system

Use a portable solar panel to charge your laptop and mobile phone

Many standard 12V power car adapters for laptops and mobile phones will plug in to the portable solar kits with 12 sockets to allow you to use and recharge all your personal electronics car chargers or you use compact inverters to power small 240 VAC appliances.

Portable Solar Panels from 2 Watts up to 120 Watts There are many sizes to choose from, you can enjoy the convenience of solar power when travelling and camping, so instead of attaching a solar panel to roof of your boat or caravan where it is vulnerable to damage and theft, choose from our range of portable folding solar panels. They all use good quality solar modules and have an attached solar regulator including cables and battery clamps. Whether you need a powerful 120W portable solar panel for the RV or a compact 20w solar panel kit complete with carry bag and regulator you will find the size to meet your needs.

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