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Safe Use of Travel Adapter and Plug

Importance of plug and socket converter quality

The plug and socket converter poor quality is an important cause of the electrical fire. The little plug socket converter quality problems will pose a serious danger to the personal and property safety of consumers. Therefore, when consumers buy electric plug adapters and sockets, converters, switching, we should focus to consider the safety of products, and the performance indicators mainly affect its safety are as follows:

1. Sign The sign is the important basis to indicate the correct installation, use and maintenance, and is extremely important safety standard content to ensure the personal and property safety. The plugs and sockets should be marked the rated current, rated voltage, power nature in the apparent position. In addition, the converter (converter means mobile electrical accessories with only one or a plurality of socket portions together at one plug part) should use "MAX (or maximum)" symbols to mark Amps / or power, to guide the user to avoid overload. Signs or symbols should be durable, legible. You should not use the screen printing and paper affixed signs which can be easily erased.

Universal Travel Plug

2. Ratings Rating is the most basic electrical interchangeable parameter to ensure the security use of normal electrical appliances connected by the plug and socket, the converter. Such as: the rated current of the universal travel plug shall not be greater than the rating of the plug part. Otherwise, it may cause the current fever and have danger when the user select electrical appliances according to the plug socket rated current; the minimum rating for converter with fuse, overload protector is equal to rating marked on the fuse, overload protection label. Otherwise, it may appear the damage to the product.

3. Size Size is an important technical requirement related to whether the plug socket converter is safe to use, whether meet the universal interchangeability requirements in order to avoid mistakenly insert. The size failure will affect the user use or produce poor contact hazards, which will damage the equipment, seriously will produce fire and electric shock.

4. Protection against electric shock Protection against electric shock is a key safety indicatorto ensure that the plug socket converter will not cause electric shock to the user and others in normal use, or even when some unexpected circumstances. When all or part of plug and socket is mated, the plugs live parts should not be touched; either latch of the plugs should not charge with socket insert set mating. Plug and socket, converter with a protective door should be able to prevent unipolar or probe insert. manufactures all kinds of adapter plugs, such as universal travel adapter and travel adapter with USB. Our main products include universal travel adapter plugs, travel adapter plugs with USB, chargers, power sockets, electric gifts, etc.

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