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LED Industry Prospects Analysis

Chinese LED Industry Status Quo

With the decline in the cost of manufacturing and luminous efficiency, the light fades and other technical bottleneck breakthrough LED increasingly obvious advantages. Its fully replacement of the traditional light source is within sight. For technical constraints, LED industry is on a very different downstream aspects of upstream products is extremely difficult, and downstream packaging and application barriers to entry are low, the lack of core technology, Chinese enterprises can only be gathered at the end of the industry. The advantage of "low cost", China is rapidly becoming the global LED packaging base, but the competitive position is weak. The fourth quarter of 2008, LED products, prices plummeted, orders dropped by almost half, the Pearl River Delta and other industry gathering area many companies is out of the large-scale intervention, while the powerful combination of leading enterprises as well as the traditional lighting industry giants, will enable the survival of small and medium enterprises more difficult to establish core strengths far not an easy task. The analysis showed that the upstream and downstream LED downlights dimmable different trends for the different characteristics of the industry, the investment strategy should also be different.

The Embarrassing LED Sunrise Industry

The discussion on the prospects for wholesale LED lights is commonplace, due to the long life, low energy consumption, small size, fast response, and seismic resistance to low temperature, pollution and other prominent advantages, its application is extremely broad field. Preliminary calculations, China's future LED lighting saves electricity equivalent to the annual generating capacity of the Three Gorges Power Station, at the same time to reduce the 80 million tons of CO2, 65 ton SO2 and 320,000 tons of NO2 emissions. The development of semiconductor lighting is very rapid. Statistics show that since the birth in the 1960s, every decade, LED costs dropped tenfold while the luminous efficiency ten-fold increase. And technical progress is always to exceed the expectations of the market. In 2006, Japan's Nichia 150Lm / W luminous efficiency, six years earlier than the target set by the Optoelectronic Industry Development Association (OIDA). A few years ago, the market is looking forward in 2010 to commercialize watt-level single lamp, in 2006, had entered the commercial has been quite popular in the current.

Large Games Promote the Development of LED Industry

LED industry in China started in the 1980s, has gone through the imported chip package to import epitaxial wafers package to the stages of homemade materials and devices. Into the 21st century, environmental protection and energy saving has become a hot market, LED industry also began to heat up. The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games give LED and hit a shot in the arm on the opening ceremony of the "Fantasy scroll" is displayed in over 4500 m2, called on the world's largest single full-color LED display, when 45,000 LED grouping of "Dream Five Rings" launched, people of LED's enthusiasm reaches a new high point. is a hi-tech enterprise combining technical research, development, manufacture and marketing. It specializes in researching and manufacturing LED residential and commercial lighting, ranging from LED Downlight, LED Panel Light, LED Tube light and LED Bulb light. Welcome to have a visit to our website!

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