Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tips for Vacuum Mixer

Vacuum Mixer is a kind of mixing equipment which adds the vacuum performance on the basis of the ordinary mixer. The vacuum mixer is mostly used for a variety of viscosity liquid mixing, particularly applicable to the mixing work with higher requirement for the stirring process and material. Currently, the common Industrial Mixing Equipment is dual planetary power vacuum mixer and horizontal vacuum mixer.

First, the Structure of the Vacuum Mixer

The vacuum mixer structural components conclude mixing tube, cover, and turn the shaft, impeller, and diffuser, wall scraping paddle, motor, and gearbox and so on. The stirring parts of the vacuum mixer will have to contact with the material for a long time during the working, so there will be issues such as wear and corrosion, therefore, the stirring members of vacuum mixer being worn and corroded to keep them work in a relatively long working life. In general, the 200A Automatic Vacuum Mixer will be equipped with temperature control means, the inerter control means, self-locking device, the electrical control means, and the hydraulic station and so on. Matching with the temperature control device and disperser, the vacuum mixer can achieve the functions, such as heat stir and material dispersion.

200A Automatic Vacuum Mixer

Second, the Characteristics of Vacuum Mixer

The biggest feature of the vacuum mixer is that the mixing tube can be evacuated and the stirring member can work in a vacuum state, which is effectively to extract the air bubbles entrained in the mixture of compound, thereby ensuring a higher degree of mixing and the better liquid processing. Due to these features, mixers have obtained a great number of applications in various fields.

Third, the Application of Vacuum Mixer

As mixing equipment with high degree of automation and process performance, vacuum mixer is widely used in the manufacturing of battery slurry, adhesives, sealants products and so on. Meanwhile, vacuum mixer is used in the field of food, pharmaceutical and chemical liquid. Furthermore, it is also used in the mixing and dispersing of solid and liquid. There is no doubt that the vacuum will obtain broad prospects in the future, so we have to make efforts to make further research and study in this field to meet the various demands in the modern world.

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