Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Do You Use Electric Oven?

Using electric oven has become more and more common in modern society. It is no longer western kitchen appliances but global house appliances. What can a commercial electric oven do? How does it work?

Usage 1. Dry food As we all know, melon seeds, crackers and other food will get wet after being placed in the home for a period of time. That will not only affect the taste, but also seriously affect the food's storage time. Electric ovens can have these moist foods dried to what they were when we bought them, which are delicious and healthy. 2. Snack food processing - DIY Everyone loves delicious food, especially the children, particularly sensitive for snack. If there is a household electric oven at home, children can enjoy the delicious snacks by baking bread, baking cookies and other means. 3. Barbecue can be done at home As long as the spices are good enough, you can barbecue at home. You may eat what you want easily and cleanly. 4. Ferment dough and make chocolate foods. Put dough which needs to ferment in the electric oven, set the temperature to the lowest value, and fermented dough will be made as soon as possible. In the same way, you may make chocolate foods. Melt chocolate by the electric oven, and then you may use them wherever you need.

Working Principle

Electric oven is a heating appliance baking foods through the use of radiant heat sent by electric heating elements. With it we can make grilled chicken, roasted duck, baked breads, cakes and so on. According to the different needs of the bakery, electric oven's temperature can be adjusted in the range of 50 to 250 ° c. Electric oven mainly consists of oven box, heating element, thermolator, timer and capacity control switch. Its box mainly consists of shell, interlayer and liner. There are turned edge in the front and back of liner to cut off air inside the box; in outer box, there are insulated expanded perlite products, making temperature of the shell greatly reduced; at the same time, there is a spring structure installed under the door, making the door always holding down tight with the door frame, which provides sound tightness. is a considerable large corporation specializing in hotel kitchen equipment, baking equipment and commercial kitchen oven in South China. Wellborn accumulates a great deal of experiences in production of restaurant kitchen equipment, including commercial refrigeration & freezing equipments, electric fryer, electric griddle, bain-marie, and roller hot dog warmer, etc.

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