Thursday, February 28, 2013

Introduction about Insulation Paper Features

Application of insulating paper

Insulating paper is a general term for electrical insulating paper. The insulating materials used for the cable, the coil and other electrical equipment also have their own characteristics in addition to have a good insulating performance and mechanical strength. The products are widely used in electric motors and generators, which are used for wedge insulation, phase insulation, the end portion laminate, etc. The Insulation Paper enables all types of rotating equipment (AC and DC motors, random coil and mold line criterium, as well as large turbo) to have better insulation, better mechanical properties, higher security, and longer life.

Classification of insulation paper:

1. Insulating materials mostly use different types due to the use of physical characteristics, temperature, humidity, resistance to chemical environments, the insulating paper is one of them; from the chemical point of view, Nomex insulation paper is an aromatic polyamide, which collectively is called an aromatic polyamide. We can usually seen NOMEX aromatic polyamide in the place where need electrically insulating. It has a unique and appropriate balance of properties, which has been widely used in transformers, motors, generators and other electrical equipment in order to improve the reliability of the electrical insulation for many years.

2. Insulating paper can use different model specifications depending on the thickness of the insulation, the staff can adjust according to the length in the actual needs.

3. In the premise of the original the insulating paper, divide the insulation tape into various width can effectively control costs, save time and improve efficiency, and reduce a lot of trouble;

4. Insulation paper can effectively guarantee the short fibers and chromatography fiber insulating medium, ash loss performance mix in water-based slurry, and made into a continuous sheet-like structure by specialized manufacturing machine. The density of the paper just out of the machine is lower, having only moderate mechanical and electrical properties.

Characteristics of the insulation paper: 1. High toughness 2. Excellent dielectric properties 3. High thermal conductivity 4. Easily inserted and fitted 5. A certain hardness, and resilience. 6. UL insulation system certification, Level 200 ° C (N) 7. CSA certification, temperature rating of 180 ° C and 2 is specialized in production and sale of braided sleeve, power supply cable sleeving and components service. Our products mainly include: glass fiber products, silica gel products, woven casing products, PVC casing products, cable sleeves, seal extrusion products, wires, insulation paper and other insulation related products.

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