Thursday, February 28, 2013

Performances of Baby Monitor

Performances of baby monitors are reflected through their internal parameters and functional grouping. Here show some applicable performances a high quality baby monitor should have. These requirements are suitable for all audio/video, digital/analog-style home baby monitor and wifi baby monitor, which do not change by compound mode between monitor end and control end.

Small size as possible: small baby monitors (monitor end and control end) are further suitable for installation at home and carrying.

Low electric quantity should be displayed: baby monitors, in particular the monitor end, have to continuously work for long time. Once the products are out of electric power, they will be not able to remind parents for battery charging. When the power is continued to use up, the control end will not be able to continue to receive any signal.

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Voice control trigger notification: voice control trigger is defined that once the monitor end detects noise caused by abnormal behavior of infants or children, the baby monitor will immediately display that on the control end by means of a noise reminder light.

Adjustable emission signal frequency: monitor ends of baby monitors provide audio and video digital signals by transmitting wireless signals. If the emission frequency of the monitor end is not chosen correctly, it will lead to electromagnetic interference with is other home appliances, digital equipments in the family, affecting their normal use. Therefore, it is very essential to select a baby monitor that allows the user to adjust the monitor end emission signal frequency.

Adjustable volume: a friendly-using baby monitor will provide a volume selecting knob or button on the control end. When parents are in places with large background sound around, they can turn up volume to hear activities sound of baby or children; when all is quiet at dead of night or parents are in sequestered places, small volume will let them hear babies' sound normally but not affect people's normal rest around.

VOX function: VOX is short for voice activation start. Baby monitors with VOX function stay in standby situation under normal state, and the screen and horn stop working to reduce products energy consumption; once the baby monitors detect unusual sound of the monitored targets over set standards, they will immediately light the alarm lamps or directly lighten the screen to synchronously play the audio and video information sent from monitor end. is a high-tech baby audio monitor manufacturer specializing in the R&D, manufacture and sale of video baby monitor, wireless home security cameras and other wireless products.

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