Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Major Problems of Chinese LED Light Export

LED light export industry status

The export volume gets rapid growth and Europe and the United States are the major trading countries. At present, there are totally 373 LED lighting export enterprises in Ningbo, China. In 2012, Ningbo exported a total of 19,490 batches of LED lamps, and the value is up to $ 1.22 billion. Seen from the main exports geographical, the oldest districts have the largest export volume, and the total exports reached $ 186,344,000. And from the view of the exporting country, Europe and the United States are the major trading countries and regions. Ningbo export value of LED lamps to the EU amounted to $ 2.15 billion in 2012, accounting for 78.2% of total exports; export value reached 126.503 million U.S. dollars, accounting for 22.0% of total exports. Corporate earnings in good condition, and they are more optimistic about the prospects for development. Compared with traditional lamps, led point light source profit to be about 30% higher, and therefore the profitability of the business is in relatively good condition. And this kind of enterprises is mainly those that have certain industrial base and they are mainly small and medium-sized enterprise scale companies. The survey shows that 48.6% of the enterprises in the LED lighting industry previously engaged in the traditional lighting industry, 26.4% of enterprises engaged in the electric light or other LED industry, while engaged in the industry has nothing to do with the LED or new enterprises accounted for 25%. At the same time, firm size is still small or medium size.

LED Lamps Export Difficulties

Funds have become the primary problem in the business. The LED business transformation and upgrading and cost control is difficult. The impact of the economic environment at home and abroad, now many enterprises, especially SMEs operating conditions are facing greater difficulties. The problems caused by the sharp rise of raw materials, labor and other costs and financing difficulties enterprises face greater financial pressure, cost control and restructuring and upgrading in the survey, 57.1% and 27.1%, respectively inherent high labor costs and difficult start-up capital. The commercial led string lights distribution of industrial structure is irrational, upstream is lack of core technology is the major bottleneck of industrial development.

Exports Suggestions of Chinese LED Lights

Improve the LED lighting industry development planning and form the development joint forces. Local governments should support the LED upstream chip manufacturing industry and improve the upstream and downstream industries, focusing on the development of the implementation of the Industrial Technology Development Rules, clear the duties of each department. And at the same time, and learn from LED professional production base across the country, such as the successful experience of the cities of Dongguan, Zhongshan, Shenzhen. Using LED products the implementation of demonstration projects, the establishment of the LED industry park, opened LED International Procurement Exchange Center, promote LED lighting products widely applications, and strengthen the industrial cluster effect, enhance the industry brand advantage and competitiveness. is a professional manufacturer whom specialized in LED drivers, LED stage lights, LED lamps and wireless remote controls with infrared. Also, Tianyu offers OEM, ODM electronics processing service, such as SMT mounted, AI insert, DIP Post-weld0, Assembling and Ageing service. Welcome to visit our website for more details!

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